About Us

Gymkidz is a pre-school and primary gymnastics and movement education programme.

Basic concept

A huge percentage of a child’s personality and achievement potential is developed during the first 5 years of a child’s life. Gymkidz provides the child with an environment in which he is given nearly unlimited freedom to explore the capabilities of his body, with a reassuring coach at hand to help him along the way.

We believe that the child learns in a fun, safe environment and by learning in such an environment he will raise his level of self confidence which continually feeds on the nourishment of opportunity.

The children learn social skills by working alone, with partners and in groups. Many traditional games are taught to the children. These develop sportsmanship, social interaction and boost self confidence.

Mission statement

Skills taught

Our programme covers all of the following developmental skills:

Integrated Learning Therapy®

We have recently introduced the Integrated Learning Therapy® movement sequencing exercises into our programme. These are very specific movements, which assist in preventing and helping to overcome learning difficulties in children.

These exercises specifically work on the following:
For more information, visit their web site at www.ilt.co.za


Our lessons are divided into four sections:

1. Warm Up: This consists of stretching exercises, music (action songs), and running, jumping and hopping activities

2. Integrated Learning Therapy® exercises

3. Tumbling: Foundation gymnastics skills such as forward rolls, backward rolls, cartwheels etc.

4. Apparatus Activities: 16 different pieces of equipment are used to add fun and variety to our programme.


1. Hula-hoop
2. Bean bags
3. Balls
4. Big ball
5. High bar
6. Rope
7. Paralettes
8. Boat
9. Stilts
10. 3 legged fun
11. Ribbons
12. Sticks
13. Balance beam
14. Vault
15. Wedge
16. Block
17. Yurchenko
18. Roll
19. Trampoline
20. Springboard
21. Hands
22. Kick and catch
23. Whizz balls